198th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company

A copy of "Put 'Em Across" was located which appears to have been the property of Pvt. John J. Riba. This copy was used as an "autograph book" circa October 31,1943 and contains the names and addresses of about 100 members of the 198th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company which supported the 3rd Brigade. The 198th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company was responsible for the fuel needs of the 3rd Brigade. The 198th made its first landing at Goodenough Island off New Guinea. This information was provided by Melvin Bauldoff of Butler, Pa whose signature was one of those found in the pamphlet. The names and accompanying addresses (from 1943) will be listed below and are transcribed as carefully as possible. Added to this list are names found in another copy of "Put 'Em Across" which was dated October 7,1945 and supposedly includes all the men who came home together Christmas 1945. A copy of RAMP from January 5,1945 and information from Melvin Bauldoff have provided the rest of the names. If you can provide any information about these 130+ soldiers and or the 198th, please contact this website!!

no mark means a name on only the 1943 list.

+ means a name from only the 1945 list.

* means a name appearing on both lists.

? means not on either list.

[ ]means possible variation of item.

Sgt Melvin Bauldoff, Butler, Pennsylvania on a hill in New Guinea above his base with the 198th.

*Capt. James F.[E?] LEONARD Jr.(deceased)

Lt. Hilary V. ALBURY, ? RAMP
Lt. William P. BURCH
+Lt. Norman B. PRIVETT, [?Pawnee, Oklahoma?, see Bryce Privett]

*S/Sgt. Philip C. ARTMAN, Jamestown, Pennsylvania
Sgt. Melvin J. BAULDOFF, RD #1, Finelion, Pennsylvania (THEN), 4170 Miller St., Butler, Pennsylvania 16003 (NOW)
Sgt. Chester V. BORKOWSKI, 438 1/2 W. Magnolia St., Stockton, California
?Sgt. Frank JAMES, ? mentioned in RAMP.
?Staff Sgt KERVALITIS, ? from Melvin Bauldoff records.
Sgt. S. L. LANE, Williamson, West Virginia
?S/Sgt. Kenneth MINNICK, Current address, 7 Raun Meadow Lane, Hatboro, Pennsylvania 19040
Sgt. Owen MUNSTOCK, 2904 W. Clark St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
*S/Sgt. Noah E. SMITH Jr., 115 1/2 E 12 St., Fort Worth, Texas served as cook.

Cpl. Howard J. DULAVITCH, 1001 Norabell Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

*Harry H. BLOOM, Star Route #1, Alpina, Michigan
William R. BOLLINGER, La[k]e City, Tennessee
*Lee Roy BRAUN, 235 Military Rd, LeMoy [Lamar], Missouri
Jerry BRAVEHAND, 484 Ashley Blvd., New Bedford, Massachusetts
*Pfc. Paul BROWNING, 1184 Lucas Street, Muscatine, Iowa
*Ralph A. BUIHALTA [Bierhalta], Box 424, San Augustine, Texas
*Robert G. BURGESS, Rt 1 Middletown, Missouri
*Orvis BURTON, Russel Springs, Kentucky
*Robert J. CHESHIRE [Chishire], Box 633, Silshee, Texas
*Thomas M. CHILDS, Route 5, Birmingham, Alabama
*Harold CLOUD, Bunch, Oklahoma (deceased)
Douglas D. COLTTRELL, 1012 Forsyth St., Toledo, Ohio
*William G. CONNORS, 222 Maple St., Rumford, Maine
*Joseph M. CONWAY, 1209 Smith St., Providence, Rhose Island
+Daniel DEAN, Route 2, Owensboro, Kentucky
+Gerald A. DIXON, P.O. Box 268, Alachua, Florida
+T/5 Ernest B DORSEY, 111 Washington Ave., Greenville, South Carolina
*Walter DUBOVIK, Brooklyn, New York
Edward M. DUNKLIN, Rt. 2, Quentan, Texas
A. H. EDWARDS, 1649 N. Californis, Chicago, Illinois
?George A. ELLIS, ? mentiond in RAMP.
+Pfc. Stanley E. ENGLAND, Marion Junction, Alabama Had 3 brothers in service, 1 KIA, 1 MIA and 1 POW
+Sherwood H. EVERSON, Route 4, Buckhannon, West Virginia
Pvt. Ernst FETTER, 1245 Ritcher St., Beloit, Wisconsin
+Frank FLAMISH, 2216 W. oodlawn Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania
+George FORAKER, 879 E. 144th St., Cleveland, Ohio
*Glen A. "Pete" GESKE [Giske], 1232 1/2 Central Ave., Dubuque, Iowa
*Ernest L. GOLDEN, 179 Elliot St., Clocksburg, West Virginia
Ronald J. GRIMM, Rt. 2 Highland, Wisconsin
*John HACKETT, Rt 1 Box 124, Pleasant Garden, North Carolina Drowned on Goodenough Island, off SE New Guinea
*Daniel W. HALL, Octagon, Alabama
*Pfc. Dayton M. HAMMOND, Box 189 Rt 3, Huntsville, Alabama
*Alvin L. HANSON, 315 Bayshore St., Marinette, Wisconsin
Paul HARPER, 57 Fassett Court, Toledo, Ohio
*William HATCHER, RFD 1, Harpersville, Alabama
*Henry HAVINGA, 509 E. 3rd. St.[1943] now 322 Paul Drive, Kimberly, Wisconsin
Joseph JAMES, 624 Elm St., Covington, Kentucky
William G. JORDAN, 3726 18th St. No., Arlington, Virgina
*Fred R. JONES, 752 W. Pine St., Lexington, Kentucky
T/4 Leo B. KAISER, Cabott, Wisconsin served as a cook.
*Thomas H. KEITH [Kulp/Kuth], 13404 [13419] Clairborne Rd, East Cleveland, Ohio
Chester G. "Froadie" KESTLER, W. Sec. St., Wind Gap, Pennsylvania
*Master Sgt. M. V. KOZLOWSKI [Koslanski?], 287 St.Pauls Ave., Jersey City, New Jersey or Staten Island, New York.
+John F. KRADY [KEADY], 33 Seymour Street, Roslindale, Masachusetts
*John M. KRAJNAK, 3643 E. Somers Rd., Cudahy, Wisconsin
Pfc. Charles LEWITZKY, Rt. 2, Peshtiga, Wisconsin
T/4 Herbert LUMMUS, Route 1, Canton, Georgia
?William J. LYNCH, ? mentioned in RAMP.
+C. T. MALONEY, 1763 E. 87th St., Cleveland, Ohio
*Edward MATOUSEK, 2050 Hazel, Detroit, Michigan
Truman W. MAXWELL, Quitman, Georgia
*Thomas L. MEEHAN, 5214 So. Wolcott Ave., Chicago,Illinois
Norman MEINTZER, 1945 Erie St, Toledo, Ohio
[Corund] J. MICHNER, 2042 [Turk] St., Lakewood, Ohio
*Herbert MISKIND, 579 Main St., Pokeepsie, New York
[Ricky J. MISURA],Rt 1, Rittman, Ohio
August H. MOLKETIN, Root Road, North Olmstead, Ohio
Pfc. Joseph D. MORALES, 2916 Monterey Plaza, Dallas Texas
Bill MORRIS, Box 165, Karnes City, Texas
*T/5 Allen MORRISON, 5906 Tampa St., Tampa, Florida
*Joseph "Joe" MURPHY [Murphey], 28 Tilley St., New London, Connecticut
*Avery NEWS, Rt 5, Elizabethton, Tennessee
Pfc. Stephen J. NOWAKOWSKI, 8333 Baltimore Ave., Chicago, Illinois
Mike OSHOP, Box 880, Freedom, Pennsylvania
Ortman [see Artman, incorrect spelling in RAMP article]
*Bob PEPPARD, 1871 Roxfard [Oxford] Rd., East Cleveland, Ohio
*Harold J. PHILLIPS, Box 215, Aragon, Georgia
*Omar H. PIKE, [Pane] Valley, Kentucky (deceased)
*Guy A. PITTS, Dodge, North Dakota
*Joseph J. PODSKALAN, 2057 Lark St., Lakewood, Ohio [1943], now 3130 W. 33rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio
*Joseph M. POKASKO [Pokaski], Boston, Massachusetts
*T/4 Vance E. "Billie" PRESTON, R 2, Booneville, Arkansas served as a cook.
Bryce PRIVETT, 1312 6th Street, Pawnee, Oklahoma
*Leonard REED, R 1, Potosi, Wisconsin
*Harry REESE, Albany, Texas
Raymond REICH, 827 2nd Ave., Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Henry H. RHODE, Stuart, Oklahoma
Pfc. John J. RIBA signed the cover of the 1943 booklet
*Joseph RIPALLONE, 1936 Park St., Hartford, Connecticut
*Andrew Junior RUPE, RFD 5, Nelsonville, Ohio
Thomas RUSSELL, 1624 Belasco Ave., Pittsburgh (16), Pennsylvaina
*Arnold SAMPSON, Morris, Illinois
Clark SANDERSON, New Germantown, Pennsylvania
John G. SESSLER, 1319 12th Street, Sheboggan, Wisconsin
*Mike J. SHEVLANE, 6225 79th St., Elmhurst, LI, New York
Anton SCHMETLER, 518 South River St., Sheboggan, Wisconsin Oct 31 1943
Pfc. Henry W. SCHNELL, 930 Wheelock Rd., Cleveland, Ohio
*Leo SHAY, 21193 Miller Ave., Euclid, Ohio
S. SILATA, RD 3, [Conneautville], Pennsylvania
*Elmer S. SMITH, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
?Pfc. Frank SMITH, ? mentioned in RAMP.
Robert R. SPEED Jr., Rt 5, Fayettte, Alabama
*Uriah W. STERNER, 1524 Allen St.[1943] now 1529 Chew Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania
*Ray C. STOFFLE, Rt 3, Severville, Tennessee
*Richard SUMMERLINE, Box 574,Westville [1945] or Christie [1943], Oklahoma
+James SUMMERS, 19 Elsic St., San Fransisco, California
*Bennie TOMASZEWSKI, "The Blonde Bomber", 2906 Archer Ave., Chicago, Illinois
*Peter TAMBASCO, 9566 Appoline, Detroit, Michigan
Pete TOMCZYCK, 5141 So. Wolcote Ave., Chicago, Illinoios
*Orten [Arten]TUCKER [Tucky?], Harris, Oklahoma
John D. TURNIPSEED, Ozark, Alabama
+Charles TUROSCY, 216 Railroad Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania
*Michael VAVREK [Vaviek], 2542 Quail St., Lakewood, Ohio
Enoch WALLACE, Parma, Missouri
*John H. WATSON, R1, Eastland, Texas
*Charles WAY, New London, Connecticut
+Cecil D. WEBB, Route 4, Abington, Virginia
Chester R. [WEISEN], Lancaster, Wisconsin
+Joe WILBUR, Erie Street Extension, Painesville, Ohio
+T/5 Elmer E. WILLIAMS, Wilbur, West Virginia
Robert F. WILSON, Hampton, Tennessee
*George WOOD, 834 College Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana
*John A. WOOD, 409 Elm St., Elizabethton, Tennessee
*Frank O. YATES, Route 2, Bloomfield, Kentucky

Mud everywhere! Goodenough Island

Natives building a building, 1944

2000 lb bombs supply depot.
Views provided courtesy of Sgt Melvin Bauldoff, Butler, Pennsylvania.

RAMP Netherlands East Indies Tuesday Jan. 9, 1945 Vol. 1 No. 108


EDITOR'S NOTE: This is another in a series of RAMP issues devoted to the activities of Brigade Companies. The unit covered in today's issue is the 198th QM Gas Supply Company.


There may not be much glory to the job of the 198th QM Gas supply Company, but the task of refueling all 3 ESB craft, vehicles and heavy engineer equipment is a big one, an important one, and one that has been smoothly handled by the 198th no matter how "trying" conditions have been.
On first coming to New Guinea the refueling situation was a tough one, all craft being refueled by hand. Lt. Norman B. Privett and Sgt. Chester V. Borkowski prevailed upon one of the regiments for the use of a craft to use as a fuel boat. From the painful beginning of loading 55 gal. drums on the craft and refueling offshore developed the convenient fuel boats of today.

Conceived at Fort Ord

The new fuel barge was conceived by Capt. James E. Leonard and Lt. Provett back at Fort Ord, however, the original was not constructed until the 198th reached their second base in New Guinea. It met with great success and soon was approved for use by the regiments.
The ingenuity of Lt. William P. Burch, Pfc. Frank Smith, Pfc. Paul O. Browning and Pfc. Stephen J. Nowakowski in utilizing scrap materials is worthy of commendation. They produced a regular "Floating Palace" with bunks for six, and including a stove, breakfast nook, cabinets, electric lights and a shower.

Construct 26,000 Gal. Tank

The Company also undertook the construction of a 26,000 gal. bolted tank to handle the tremendous number of convoys passing through. a pipe line was layed from tank to shore thanks to the good work of Pfc. Frank Smith.
For the most part the company has been broken down into sections with many going on detached service. One section is composed of Sgt. Chester Borkowski and 22 EM under Lt. Provett; another is headed by Lt. William P. Burch with Sgt. Melvin Bauldoff and crew working under him. Lt. Hilary V. Albury, sgt. Frank James and crew round out the other. All have received oral commendations from the regiments and Brig. Gen. D. A. D. Ogden.


Several of the men on detached service spend their spare time on patrols. Pfc. Stanley E. England served as a coxswain on a gun boat which ran into all kinds of excitement along the coast. Other qualified seaman are Pfc's Henry W. Schnell, William J. Lynch, Charles A. Lewitzky, George A. Ellis, Joseph D. Morales and Clayton M. Hammond.

Operate Gas station

In addition to its main function of refueling the landing craft, a Brigade Gas Station has always (start page 2) been in operation. Keeping accurate records of all products drawn and issued has been efficiently handled by sgt. Owen O. Munstock and T/5 Allen E. Morrison. as a bit of statistics, the 198th has dispensed 5,000,000 gals. of fuel during its overseas stay.

Motor Pool Ranks High

The Motor Pool section under the able direction of Sgt. Phillip O. Ortman ranks high in the Brigade. He and his assistants, T/4 Herbert Lummus, T/5 Elmer E. Williams, T/5 Ernest B. Dorsey and Cpl. Howard J. Dulavitch have trained many new drivers, constructed a company washing machine from empty oil drums and a jeep motor, overhauled diesel motors in the fuel barges, and have continually been busy improvising pumps to be used in refueling. At one time they kept 40 vehicles rolling and have never had a single major accident overseas.

Mess Hall Wins Honors

The recent mess hall inspection found the 198th right up on top. They admit that they have the edge as they have a joint mess with QM Hq Co but they believe the work of he cooks, S/Sgt Noah Smith, T/4 Loo (sic) Kaiser and T/4 Vance Preston, has been tops.
Pfc Stanley E. England has returned to the States as his family ran into more than their share of hard luck. He has one brother who was killed in action, another a prisoner of war in Germany and a third who is missing in action.

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